The company Shimetsu – F – Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (abbtreviated as SFE) was formed on 12th May 1994 for the purpose of entering into the businesses of freight forwarding and logistic services. The company SFE started commissioning effectively in year 1995.

SFE was incorporated for the following objectives:

      -To provide high quality and timely services to its clientele
      -To promote logistic effectiveness and efficiency
      -To provide the local distribution network to clients, and
      -To provide reasonable returns to investors.

       The area of expertise and strong relationship build up with local authorities over the last decade and can ensure that:

 – All sorts of cargo can be handled in the most effective and safer manner
 – All Cargo movements are insured against theft and other mishaps
 – Cargoes involving duties computations can be computed favorable to clients
 – Importing and exporting cargoes can be done in a no nonsense and smooth manner
– Well trained professionals to handle project shipments and ensure customers’   requirements are fulfilled

       The company and its management are fully committed to its objectives and is confident that all logistic services provided to clients will be executed with a high degree of professionalism. Job stratification is guaranteed!

For requirement of international network, SFE had worldwide air and sea affiliates to provide door to door service and routine instructions.

The Company SFE also has a complete custom bonded facilities, with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) at the KUA Cargo Complex.

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Our Success Story

Our purpose and value proposition is to fulfill the trust our customer has in our services by providing the most affordable cost, safe and prompt delivery and maintain a relationship on a long term basis

Our Value Proposition

– Give the extra value the customer needs 
– Save time and money for the customer by prompt quoting 
– Keep connected throughout the process 
– Be relevant by upgrading our technology 
– Relationship management with all stake- holders


-Internationally connected with trusted partners
-Experienced and dedicated work force
-An excellent relationship with customers

-Financially strong to do logistics for project management
-Flexibility, reliability, trackability and excellent customer service
-We always stay competitive in every aspect

Reach your destination 100% safe & secure